How Can You Work Smarter from Home Using Windows?

Work Smarter from Home Using Windows

In this article, we will discuss how you can work smarter from home using Windows. Also, we will discuss why working from home is the option which is chosen by many people.

Why Do People choose the option of working from home?

For many people working from home is like a dream that they need to achieve one time in their life as it seems comfortable. This means that you will not have to travel to the office as you can directly work from the comfort of the chair, sofa, or bed in your house. This allows a lot of flexibility for the person who is sitting at home to work freely as they don’t have to worry about the dress code. Working from home is like a dream, but in reality, when a person is at home, they feel like taking a rest, so you need to have the discipline to work. If you are working from home, it means that you need to be active all the time and not focus on other things but the job. If you become inactive and become unproductive, then the bows will know something is wrong and will warn you about it. So, you will need to have a good internet connection, and in Windows, several features will help you focus on work.

In the latest version of Windows that is Windows 10, there is an option of focus assist, which can help you focus on different things. It has options like job, gaming, and other things which you can select from, and it only allows things in that category to be accessed.

How to Work Smarter from Home Using Windows 10?

Given below is the list of things you can use in Windows 10 to work properly and that too smartly from your home.

  • Use focus assist to avoid distractions

As discussed above, this is the option that will let you focus on those things which are related to the thing you are doing. There is a working model and gaming mode, and you can select from any of them according to what you are doing.

  • Keep things separate using virtual desktop

If you are using your home computer to work, then it is certain that there will be many distractions coming your way. It is better that you create a virtual desktop where you only store work stuff and work from that desktop.

  • Stay organized with Microsoft to do

This is like the sticky note lit which you apply to the fridge If you want to do something. This list will tell you the time which you have to select the things you have set a reminder for in the to-do list.

  • Use cloud storage to share files

If you are working with a partner who is at the office and you are at home, then it is a good idea to use a cloud storage device. This will allow you to share files and also view the file which your partner has created to be submitted.

  • Remove unwanted programs to speed up your computer

If your computer starts up slowly and even freezes up, an easy method to troubleshoot is to uninstall those programs that you won’t use them any more. Regarding how to uninstall a program without spending much time and efforts, a professional uninstaller is a must-have tool on a daily basis. Give yourself more time on those things most matter to you.