UninstallService Review

Have you been searching the solutions to completely uninstall Windows or Mac apps? UninstallService is the best-in-class utility to get the job done for you out of the box. Is UninstallService a legit product? It is one of the most cost-efficient pricing that charges you only once and allows you to access both Windows and Mac uninstaller for a price of one.

In this review, we will have hands-on test on using UninstallService to uninstall a list of apps. As of this writing, UninstallService is working very well to get rid of the apps without any hassle.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Keep It

Keep It is an efficient tool for Mac platform to save notes, save web links and store files. keep It supports icloud sync, users can sync their data profile on all devices that support icloud.

Create, edit, view, and save:
Notes with styles, checklists, and attachments are visible on all your devices
Use the web link for real-time preview, or save it as a pdf file for offline viewing
Plain text files, as well as MarkDown documents
Add any other type of file and see previews of most images, documents, web pages, etc
View summaries and thumbnails in most file lists
Use the recent list to see what you’ve recently added or viewed
Share with iCloud

Folders let you organize things in a hierarchical way — select a folder to see everything it and its subfolders contain
Use bundles to bring projects together in one place
Use labels to provide color codes for quick visual recognition
Add searchable tags and comments
Favorite items and drag and drop lists to favorite columns for quick access

Search and filter:
Search for everything: name, tags, file contents, date, kind, and so on
Select suggestions as you search to easily create complex searches
Use keywords and natural language when searching

Save the search for later reuse
Use the tag filter to view all items with tags and other relevant tags
Compact mode simplifies the application into a column suitable for use with other applications
Copy the clickable link to the project where you saved it
Share extensions can add links, text, images, and other files, and attach text in other applications
Save the file to save the folder to automatically add it to the library.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Downcast

Downcast can download, play and sync your favorite podcasts.

Downcast is a podcast subscription tool on Mac OS, and many of its features point to the weaknesses of the original podcast.

Subscription features
• Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts
• Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
• Automatically download podcasts (including resume downloads)
• Browse and download older podcast episodes
• Automatically update podcast feeds based on schedules
• Set retention for automatic downloads and events (worldwide and per podcast)
• Import and export podcast feeds via OPML
• Import supported audio and video media files
• Support for password-protected sources
• Create and edit “smart” playlists • View podcast details and episode display notes
• Rename podcast subscription names

iCloud Sync
• Sync podcast subscriptions, playback, settings, and information with other Mac and iOS devices through iCloud

Use UninstallService to uninstall ConceptDraw Office

ConceptDraw Office is a collection of powerful office drawing tools for Mac, including three software: ConceptDraw PRO, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT, which can be used to draw flowcharts, business diagrams, mind maps, project management, and more

ConceptDraw is a powerful, cross-platform application that makes it quick and easy to create professional-looking diagrams and illustrations in your documents. You don’t have to be a professional graphics maker or have any drafting experience, just leave it to ConceptDraw. The software provides powerful vector drawing tools, libraries, and many preset legend shapes, built-in description language, support for input and output of documents in multiple formats, support for connecting to ODBC databases, and many other functions.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Airfoil

Airfoil can wirelessly transfer music on Mac to AirPort Express, Apple TV, iPhones, iPods, PCs and other devices, play on these devices, Airfoil Satellite is also very practical, such as he can make the music on iOS with the Mac, output audio to AirPlay, Bluetooth external devices, music enthusiasts essential tools.

Airfoil allows you to send any audio to airport couriers, Apple TVs, and even other Mac computers and PCs, all synced! Your voice is everywhere.

With Airfoil, you can receive audio from any app and send it to airport courier units, as well as Apple TV, and even other Mac and PC running airfoil speakers! Transfer audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and other media players. Send audio from web-based apps like Pandora, Last.fm, etc. to Airport Express. You can even transfer audio from audio devices such as radioshark, XM and Sirius radios around your house.

Use UninstallService to uninstall Backblaze

Backblaze is a cloud storage and online backup service that provides unlimited storage and backup for your data. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS and Android devices. There are two versions of the service: the Basic version which is free and offers 10GB of storage space; and the Unlimited version which costs $5 per month.

The verdict

UninstallService is legit and all-around app removal tool to get rid of any unwanted Windows and Mac apps with ease. You should grab the lifetime deal and get both Windows and Mac uninstallers for a price of one.

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