Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC Will be Available on August 2

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft announced its Cloud Computing service on July 14, 2021, formally known as Windows 365, which will allow customers to create Windows 10 or Windows 11 installations in the cloud and stream the operating system to any device. The Windows 365 cloud PC service, which will be available on August 2, aims to bring the best of Windows to any device, including your Mac, iPad, Linux PC and Android devices.

Windows 365 will allow users to install their favorite Windows apps and experiences in the cloud and access them from any device of their choice. Cloud computers will support “just-in-time startup” and will be available by subscription at a flat price. Of course, Windows 365 isn’t meant to replace Windows 11 or Windows 10. Local versions of Windows are still considered up to date and will always be available to install locally without subscription. Windows 365 is just a service that allows users to connect instances of Windows 10 or Windows 11 through the cloud, just like your own PC.

What Windows 365 cloud PC brings out?

Windows 365 carries out a whole new cloud PC service, aims at offering people hybrid Windows experience for hybrid workforce. It not merely allows subscribers to stream on any device, but also largely increases productivity for both work and collaboration. It will be very easy to setup and customize your own cloud PC according to your personal needs. So, if you are often working on multiple devices and think it is not convenient, then the Windows 365 cloud PC service will be a priority. No matter which device you want to start up, the versatility and simplicity provided by Windows 365 is far beyond your imagination.