Mijia Corded Vacuum Cleaner 2 Review

Since I bought a V12 for my family, the frequency of cleaning at home has increased, but for me, who just came out to work and live alone, it was not very rational to buy another one, so I turned my attention to Xiaomi’s Mijia Corded Vacuum Cleaner 2, which has a “lesser zero” in price.

I live in a rental house with an area of 30 square meters, one room and one hall, not too small, but it takes at least half an hour to clean and organize every week, so using a vacuum cleaner can improve efficiency while reducing the pain of cleaning. The decisive factor in deciding whether to buy a wired, wireless, or sweeping robot is not only your wallet, but also the environment you are cleaning. Because there are more items on the ground, there happens to be enough power outlets to ensure that the experience of a corded vacuum cleaner is not too bad.

Brush head and dust cup
The vacuum cleaner comes with three heads – a floor brush, a soft brush, a long flat head, and an extension pole – to meet basic cleaning needs, such as cleaning floors, narrow crevices, and other scenarios. The interface between the brush head and the body is very plainly designed, and the process of unplugging requires only a billion points of brute force to ensure a tight bond between the components.

The second generation of the dust cup compared to a generation of upgrades, the dust cup can be directly removed from the body, remove the filter to pour dust, you can also directly clean with water. However, there may be a design flaw in the extension pole and the dust cup interface location, there will be a little dust residue during use, and can only be cleaned manually. Don’t try to clean the garbage with water either, otherwise you will see a grey “sauce” appearing in the dust cup and vacuum cleaner, making you doubt your life.

Vacuuming experience
The experience of the brush is moderate, compared with the soft velvet brush of the cordless vacuum cleaner, it is purely by the vacuum cleaner to suck up the garbage, most of the garbage on the ground can be sucked away smoothly. However, without the aid of the roller brush, there is a little residue when cleaning the floor, so you can only turn the brush head in a different direction and vacuum a few more times. Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner can run at full power, the brush head is too weak, the suction power to come together.

At the edge of the floor brush, two rows of shallow soft brushes are designed, but their role is not to assist me to clean well, but to hold the dust and hair tightly and highlight their presence if the vacuum cleaner is not clean, giving me extra work to clean the dust cup at the same time.

The range of the vacuum cleaner is theoretically unlimited, the power cord is 5 meters long, and there are just enough power outlets in the living room, bedroom and kitchen to keep the power cord from sweeping over other things and reducing the possibility of accidents. There is a Velcro tie on the power cord to store the power cord.

In terms of price point, the Mijia corded vacuum cleaner can meet basic cleaning needs and reduce the burden of cleaning, for those who live alone or rent a room to consider. However, if you need a lightweight body, brushless motor, brush head extension, and suction mite function, other cordless vacuum cleaners may be more suitable.

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